RegioStars Awards, organized by the European Commission, recognize each year the excellence of the most innovative regional projects on the continent, and in their 2020 edition they have selected the Spanish-Portuguese project IOTEC to compete for the award in the category of ‘Skills and education for a digital Europe’. CARTIF is one of the entities that make up the IOTEC initiative.

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy created the RegioStars Awards in 2008, with the aim of inspiring regions, entities and project leaders in Europe. There are five categories and a public choice award. This edition has achieved the registration record, with a total of 206 projects. An independent jury will select up to five finalists per category, to be announced on July 9.

The project ‘Development of Technological Capacities around the Industrial Application of the Internet of Things (IOTEC)’ is a proposal that promotes smart growth through cross-border cooperation to promote Innovation in the field of Internet research in things (IoT). IOTEC is a free access platform for the promotion of IoT technologies in companies that focuses its activities in the Central regions of Portugal and Castilla y León, which comprise eminently rural populations with a high degree of aging and with levels of development economic below the community average.

You can vote  for this project in RegioStars Awards website, in ‘Skills & Education for a digital Europe’ section.

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