Good news for CARTIF. On the occasion of the XIV National Day of ASEFMA, the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Asphalt Mixtures (ASEFMA) has awarded the LIFE BATTLE CO2 project, coordinated by the technological center from Valladolid, the Best Environmental Practices (MPA) prize of 2019 in the field of manufacturing, spread, application and transport of asphalt mixtures.

ASEFMA recognizes the work of the LIFE BATTLE CO2 project for making a more sustainable road network possible. This initiative, born in 2015, has succeeded in replacing around 80% of the fossil fuels used in the manufacturing process of the asphalt plant by biomass from sustainable forest management. In this way, it has reduced CO2 emissions by close to 80% in the plant and around 45% in its global impact throughout its life cycle, from the raw materials stage to its implementation.

Framed in the European LIFE program and with CARTIF at the head, the project has the participation of the construction company COLLOSA, in whose facilities in Cubillas de Santa Marta (Valladolid) the implementation of prototypes has been carried out to validate this new model of operation, and the support of the Spanish Technological Platform of the Highway.

The prize “Best Environmental Practices”, which celebrated its sixth edition and has the recognition of the sector, is an initiative that wants to visualize R & D in the field of asphalt mixtures that reports technical, economic, sustainable and environmentally responsible developments. It responds to the growing environmental sensitivity of the asphalt manufacturing entities and those linked to their production, transportation and application. The jury, formed by the members of the technical committee of the XIV National Conference of ASEFMA, has evaluated the projects presented in this call according to criteria of originality, innovation, impact on the sector and environmental improvements.

The three finalist initiatives are: “Rehabilitation of urban pavements with environmentally sustainable and low-sounding asphalts with the addition of tire powder with RARx pre-treated additives” by PADECASA, CIRTEC, TECNOFIRMES, CIDAUT, CEMOSA, the City of Madrid and the City of Fuenlabrada ; “High performance sustainable mixes for the rehabilitation of road surfaces”, from the Construction Engineering Laboratory (LabIC) of the University of Granada; e “Environmental impacts of bituminous mixtures according to the ECCO2 model”, by Benito Arnó e Hijos.

ASEFMA is an association of entities dedicated to the manufacture and application of asphalt mixtures for road paving. Among its statutory aims, it should be noticed the promotion of research and collaboration in the drafting of manufacturing standards, application and quality control. Its actions are aimed at the satisfaction of users and the preservation of the environment.

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