LIFE GySTRA project, coordinated by CARTIF, comes to an end and celebrates a final online event as a clause to its three years of work. The conference will take place on June 28 and will review all the progress achieved.

With the aim of reducing emissions from road traffic in cities and their high impact on the environment, LIFE GySTRA project arises in the same time when Europe has begun to prioritize sustainable mobility in cities. Madrid (Spain) and Sofia (Bulgaria) were the cities chosen to carry out the pilot tests based on the monitoring of vehicles with advanced remote measurement equipment through RSD+ devices, which will allow the control and quantification of traffic emissions in real conditions, and contribute to the creation of a global emissions management system.

OPUS RSE, the partner in charge of the design of the RSD+ device, will talk about the main functionalities of this device during this last workshop, with other partners of CIEMAT, who will explain its validation process. In addition, OPUS RESE and Sofia DA will show the demonstrations which were carried out in Madrid and Sofia.

Dolores Hidalgo, researcher in Agri-Food and Processes Division of CARTIF, will be in charge of welcoming and closing this final event, and Sergio Sanz, CARTIF researcher, will start the cycle of presentations to talk about the “Vehicle emissions and the environmental problems”.

This workshop will receive with some special invited as Aristoteles University of Tesalonica, who show the LIFE MILE 21 and H2020 DAYS projects, the International Council of Clean Transport who publicise the TRUE initiative, and Gate21, who detail the NEMO H2020 project, coordinated by CARTIF too.

Program of the day – June 28, 2021

Sesión 1 – LIFE GySTRA project

09:50Virtual room opensGreetings, settling in, setting up.Self-organised
10:00WelcomeMs. Dolores Hidalgo (CARTIF)
10:05Vehicle emissions and environmental problemMr. Sergio Sanz (CARTIF)
10:15The Remote Sensing device and its validationMr. Javier Buhigas (OPUS RSE)
Mr. Manuel Pujadas (Ciemat)
10:30Madrid DemonstrationMr. Javier Buhigas (OPUS RSE)
10:40Sofia DemonstrationMs. Elitsa Panayotova (Sofia DA)
10:50Questions and answers

Sesión 1 – Running projects on real driving emissions

11:00MILE21: More Information Less Emissions – Empowering consumers for a greener 21st centuryMr. Nikiforos Zacharof (LAT – Aristotle University)
11:15DIAS – Smart Adaptive Remote Diagnostic Antitampering Systems»Mr. Dimitris Kontses (LAT – Aristotle University)
11:30TRUE Initiative: The Real Urban EmissionsMs. Sheila Watson (FIA Foundation)
11:45NEMO: Noise and Emissions Monitoring and radical mitigationMr. Peter Liljenberg (Gate 21)
12:00Questions and answers


12:10Remote Sensing PoliciesMr. Roberto Fraile (Councillorof Innovation, Digital Transformation and Economic Developmentof Alcobendas)
ClosureMr. Sergio Sanz (CARTIF)

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