Valencia goes on working with the aim of achieving sustainable mobility in the city and, this time, to achieve this goal, it is launching the action “Majors sobre rodes”, or in English “Elderly on wheels”. MAtchUP, the EU project in which CARTIF takes part, launches this new initiative in the local framework “El Marítim Innova” with the aim of promoting healthy ageing among their elders.

“Majors sobre rodes” aims to give the elderly back the feeling of riding a bicycle around the city, regardless of their physical condition and in a safety way, riding an electric tricycle with a range of 30km and capacity for two sites plus the driver. Anyone interested in this action can request for a trip by sending an email to, contacting by phone or WhatsApp at 644 76 87 19 indicating the schedule, route, ride time and pick-up point.

During the presentation, the Councillor for Innovation of Valencia City Council, Carlos Galiana, highlight that ‘this action can help the elders to combat loneliness and isolation in a therapeutic way as the tricycle allows to be a dynamic activity, in company and the the city surprises you on every ride.

This proposal is added to the list of new initiatives proposed in Poblats Marítims of Valencia within the framework of the MAtchUP project, such as the sustainable mobility action of local business “De la Cistella a Casa” or the energy efficiency action in homes “Del Marítim Al Món”.

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