Mapping of energy demand


Estimation and visualization of energy demand for residential buildings in urban or rural environments from information taken mainly from the cadastre web site and a materials catalogue. The results can be visualized from any web browser or with any free GIS software.


Our service:

  • Extraction and processing the information from the cadastre.
  • Automated simulation with a calculation engine based in the energy certification tool CE3X, obtaining values of energy demand for each residential building.
  • Georeferencing of the information and aggregated data by block and district.
  • Realization of statistic analyses by building typology, year of construction, urban area or energy qualification.


Our value:

  • We offer the mapping of the energy demand in residential buildings at municipal level, aggregating from the block level; supported by tools validated by the State. With our approach, we could cover any municipality from Spain, save the ones in Navarra and Basque Country. Moreover this service could be delivered quickly as long as the process is intensively automated.


Projects of reference:

  • PLANNER, CCliMAP, ENERGIS (R&D projects where GIS developments have been done for their visualization in maps).
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