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CARTIF Materials Testing Laboratory is an official supplier of AIRBUS as Test Lab (AFM-003-4), and is accredited under the most restricted quality requirements in aeronautical sector, such as AIRBUS, NADCAP and Spanish Accreditation Entity (ENAC accreditation 335/LE1276).

CARTIF Testing Lab offers a fast and effective service, adapted to customers needs, ensuring the test quality according to requirements of several quality systems and programs (AITM, ISO). Furthermore, Materials Laboratory has an extensive experience in the performance of testing of wide spectrum of non-metallic composite materials, adhesives, fiberglass, carbon fibre, peelable, paints, sealants, varnishes, resins, polymers and plastics, in diverse and strategic sectors, such as aeronautics, automotive, construction and textil, among others.

CARTIF Technology Centre has recently obtained the MERIT rating by the aeronautical manufacturer AIRBUS, thus recognizing the excellence, technical competence and high performance offered by the CARTIF Analysis and Testing Laboratory for the characterization of aeronautical products. Furthermore, the Laboratory has obtained this recognition by NADCAP, with the same qualification.

Analysis and Tests:


Note: test marked with * are not covered by ENAC accreditation


(Non Metallic Materials Testing)

Physico-chemical tests on non-metallic materials and composites

  • Determination of mass per unit area:
    1. Carbon fibre preimpregnates, according to EN 2557:1997
    2. Textile glass fibre preimpregnates, according to EN 2329:1996
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry test (DSC) of non metallic material, according to AITM 3-0002:1995
  • Volatile content:
    1. carbon fibre preimpregnates, according to EN 2558:1997
    2. Textile glass fibre preimpregnates, according to EN 2330:1996
  • Resin and fibre content (prepeg Areal/Adhesive film weight):
    1. Carbon fibre preimpregnates (solvent wash), according to EN 2559:1997
    2. Textile glass fibre preimpregnates (fiber areal weight), according to EN 2331:1996
    3. Peelable fabric and cooper mesh , according to internal procedure
  • Analysis of organic compounds by infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), according to AITM 3-0003:1995

Physico-mechanical tests on non-metallic materials and composites

  • Interlaminar Shear Strength test (ILSS) / Short Beam
  • Shear Method (SBS), según EN 2563:1997
  • Dynamic-Mechanical Analysis test (DMA), according to AITM 1-0003:2010
  • Interlaminar fracture toughness energy/Tenacity (G1C), according to AITM 1-0053
  • Single Lap Shear (ambient temperature), according to AITM 1-0019
  • Carbon fibre reinforced plastics. Unidirectional laminates . Tensile test parallel to the fibre direction, according to EN 2561 *
  • Flatwise traction, according to I+D-E 246 *
  • Intelaminar Shear Strength test (ILSS) / Short Beam
  • Shear Method (SBS), according to I+D+E 255 *
  • Peel metal -metal, according to EN 2243-2 *

Coating tests (resins, paints, varnishes y sealants)

  • Density, according to ISO 2811-1:2016
  • Flow time by use of flow cups, according to ISO 2431:2011
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