On April 1 and 2, the Maison des Chambres d’Agriculture in Paris, France, hosted the follow-up meeting of the NUTRIMAN project, of which CARTIF is a participant, on the occasion of the first 6 months of its development. The Assemblée Permanente Des Chambres d’Agriculture (APCA) acted as host of the event, which was attended by representatives of the entities that make up the project consortium.

During these two days, the participants analyzed the work done in the first phase of the project, examining each of the Work Packages, as well as the results obtained. Likewise, they established the guidelines to carry out in the next semester.

NUTRIMAN is a thematic network of Nitrogen and Phosphorus (N / P) that collects “ready-to-practice” knowledge of applications, practices and technologies for product recovery. This network interconnects applied science and industrial practice, for the interest of users and the benefits of agricultural professionals. The objective of the project is to improve the exploitation of the recovery potential and nutrient management N / P of the cases ready for the practice that are not sufficiently known by the professionals.

CARTIF contributes in the collection and supply of specific knowledge oriented to the practice of nitrogen and phosphorus recovery in innovative technologies (precipitation of liquid manure, wastewater) and products (struvite) ready for practice.

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