On the occasion of the 6th follow-up meeting of the initiative, the mySMARTLife project, with CARTIF at the helm, has organized a ‘technological breakfast’ on Friday, September 20, 2019 in the Finnish city of Helsinki, where the research teams of the three cities Lighthouse, Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki, will present their participation and impact on the project. The speakers will share knowledge and experiences related to the central theme of the event: “logistics with electric vehicles”.

Rubén García, CARTIF researcher and project coordinator, will offer an overview of this international initiative, which, in addition to mobility, develops energy efficiency and renewable energy actions that are being implemented in rehabilitated and newly constructed buildings within the framework of the draft. All interventions will be monitored and evaluated to achieve a significant amount of data and services of interest to citizens, which will be integrated into the ICT platforms of the three lighthouse cities.

The mySMARTLife project has as its main objectives to reduce the CO2 emissions in cities, increasing the use of renewable energy sources and making populations more environmentally friendly. Under the coordination of the CARTIF Technology Centre, 28 partners from 7 countries work together to achieve sustainable cities through the concepts of ‘smart economy’ and ‘smart citizens’.

The action plan of this European initiative includes the renovation of buildings, the use of renewable energy, the use of clean transport and the implementation of ICT solutions. mySMARTLife seeks to design an integrated urban planning process that will lead to an integrated urban transformation strategy that can be easily transferred to other cities.

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