NBS Lab – Nature-based Solutions


CARTIF has provided the neccesary infrastructures for the creation of Nature-based Solutions Lab, where variables of different pilots are studied and modified, obtaining direct results from all of them.

Green wall pilot

  • Study and evaluation of behaviour of different types of green wall with different plants and their climate adaptation, influence on humidity and temperature in building facade.

Pollinators module

  • Selection of different plant species with different flowering periods to study of frecuency, presence and seasonality of local existing pollinators, who visit the module, looking for food and refuge.

Experimental greenhouse

  • Greenhouse experimentation to monitoring different enviromental variables (light, temperature, humidity, CO2) throughout the year.
  • Carrying out tests on plants, natural or artificial soils (technosols).

Air Biofilter / Green Chimney

  • Natural system to filtering emissions from chimneys and building extractions using substrates and plants.

Water Biofilter

  • Integrable surface wetland on roofs or gardens around buildings for the treatment and reuse of gray water.

Hydroponic module

  • Alternative urban agriculture system for the production of vegetables and flowers.
  • Studies of the behaviour of different plant species, aimed at determining best adapted plant species.
  • Optimization of parameters and study of deviations in hydroponic systems.

Shade green infrastructure pilot

  • Innovative seed shading awning, combining particle retention systems and improving environmental humidity and well-being. It is suitable for urban environments with few space and affected by the heat island effect.
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