One-stop-shop for neighbourhood communities


Development of a system equivalent to a one-stop-shop for counselling and management for a definition process in one activity related to Energy Transition in neighbourhood communities.
The activities of the counselling service include: energy refurbishment of buildings, improvement of heating networks or systems of energy generation, installation of renewable energy sources, installation of measurement equipment (for distribution of expenses), counselling for the creation of Energy Communities and identification of aids and associated eligibility analysis.

Our service:

  • Diagnosis of the current status of the neighbourhood community.
  • Approach of improvement actions including estimated quotation.
  • Support for the access to the aids for the improvement actions.
  • Aid management: counselling and follow-up for the documentation and its submission.
  • Analysis (independent) for the offers received (contract analysis, offered business models, etc.).


Our value:

  • Wide experience in support to integral projects of energy refurbishment in neighbourhood communities.
  • Knowledge of the related tissue and the aids available.

Projects of reference:

  • Energy refurbishment of Torrelago (Laguna de Duero, Spain) district with 1.500 dwellings.

  • Energy refurbishment of 200 dwellings in Cuatro de Marzo neighbourhood and 500 dwellings in Fasa-Delicias district (n Valladolid, Spain)

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