Performance optimization of control systems


The result of this service is a more exact, fast and safe regulation system, which reduces the oscillations and variability of the processing plant control variables, and thus improve its efficiency, safety, environmental impact and profitability.

Our service:

  • The service consists of optimizing the performance of control loops and regulation systems for continuous or batch process plants. Optimization reduces oscillations and variability of the plant, making the regulation system more exact, fast, stable and safe.


Our value:

  • Great experience in modeling, optimization and control of most common industrial processes.
  • Expertise in the use of modeling and simulation tools.


Projects of reference:

  • Optimization of the regulation system of several supercritical extraction plants.
  • Optimization of the automatic acid emissions regulation system of the TIRME incineration plant in Palma de Mallorca.
  • Diagnosis and proposal of improvements to the regulation system for the Hamada biomass boiler in CARACOL KNITS, Honduras.
  • Optimization of the bagasse boiler control system at Ingenio San Ramón, Costa Rica.
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