Photocatalytic Laboratory


As a result of the research carried out in the field of photocatalytic technology, the Photocatalytic Lab has developed analytical methods for the determination of photocatalytic activity, and therefore, the evaluation of performance in air-purification using applied semiconducting photocatalytic materials, and/or soaked into different matrices, such as paints, asphalt pavements, precast concrete, etc.

These analytical methods are following the next reference standards:
UNE-EN ISO 22197-1. Test methods for air-purification of semiconducting photocatalytic materials. Part 1: Removal of nitric oxide.
UNE-EN ISO 127197-1. Test method application to evaluate the air-purification performance of semiconducting photocatalytic materials soaked into precast concrete products. Part 1: Removal of nitric oxide.
UNE 83321 EX. Concrete with photocatalytic activity. Determination of the degradation of nitric oxide (NO) in the air by photocatalytic materials. Continuous flow test method.

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