CAPRI is holding its final project meeting on 28 September in an online session open to the public. The event will feature a presentation, overview and success stories of the project, to put into context those interested in the proposal, and will share the results and knowledge acquired throughout these months.

During the first part of the day, an overview of the project, its use cases and the CAP (Cognitive Automation Platform) will be given through the use cases of asphalt, steel and pharmaceuticals. In addition, the CAP and the role of cognition and its implication in the project will be discussed.

The second part of the morning will be opened by a roundtable of use cases in which the strengths and barriers encountered during the development of the proposal will be discussed; and will be dedicated to show the main exportable results (KER) achieved during these months.

The CAPRI (Cognitive Automation Platform for European Process Industry digital transformation) project is ending after 42 months of duration. This proposal arose from the need to develop, test and experiment an innovative cognitive automation platform (CAP) to achieve the digital transformation of the process industry enabled by cognitive solutions that provide operational flexibility to existing process industries, and performance improvement through different indicators (KPIs), of the quality control status of their products and intermediate flows.

The CARTIF research team, throughout these months, has played the main role of coordinator of the proposal because of its long experience in the application of digital technologies in industry acquired through participation in European Union projects. This proposal has meant the expansion of knowledge in the modelling and control of processes in other asphalt plants in order to generate new lines of research and encourage the different manufacturing sectors to implement the CAPRI results.


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