Spray Drying Plant


  • Spray Drying Plant includes:
    • Feed tank and inlet juice atomizer
    • NG burner and indirect hot gases generator
    • Air disperser, drying chamber, suction fan and air register
  • The plant can be operated with the following conditions:
    • Variable air inlet tempeature range: 120 – 200 ºC
    • Outlet temperature: 90 ºC
    • Evaporation capacity: 19 L/h
  • The generated dust is collected by a cyclone and a big-bag.
  • Testing in a mini-spray dryer is allowed, with easy scaling to a pilot and industrial plant.


      • Stabilization and drying of final product.
      • Encapsulation of active ingredients.
      • Encapsulation and stabilization of slow-release fertilizers.
      Spray Drying Plant
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