Studio and reliability of communications in LonWorks networks


Implementation of reliability in existing communication networks based on studies of topology and network architecture. Verification and configuration of existing equipment and analysis of received data frames, all this with the goal of bringing possible solutions to current problems/errors.
The studio can be done in LonWorks networks with twisted pair and optic fibre..

Our service:

  • Analysis of network topology and communications.
  • Verification and configuration of existing equipment.
  • Analysis of the communication network.
  • Extraction of conclusions.
  • Proposal of solutions.

Our value:

  • Handling of tools for network analysis. Availability of technical staff with wide formation and experience.

Projects of reference:

  • EOLON / MANEOLON (all in Spain):

  • PE. Navas del Marqués

  • PE. Barbanza

  • PE. Leboreiro

  • PE. Capelada

  • PE. Faladoira

  • PE. Los Lances

  • PE. Escucha y Puerto

  • PE. Cañada de la Barca

  • PE. La Muela

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