After 4 years of intense research, development and innovation efforts, the LowUP project holds its final conference. The event will be on Friday, October 30 and will take place online due to the current pandemic situation. This international initiative, with the participation of CARTIF, has managed to develop and demonstrate cutting-edge solutions to obtain zero net energy buildings, an achievement of great importance today taking into account the environmental urgencies that we have in our society.

Buildings account for approximately 40% of total energy use and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union. They are the largest energy consumer in Europe and almost 75% of the building stock in the European Union is today energy inefficient. To deal with this challenge, the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive requires all new buildings from 2021 (public buildings from 2019) to be nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEB), that is, buildings that have very high energy efficiency. Furthermore, that small amount of energy required must be covered to a very significant extent from renewable sources.

LowUP is a project of the European Union that brings together 13 partners (large companies, research and technology organizations and SMEs) from 7 European countries (Spain, Italy, Finland, Austria, France, Switzerland) and has developed and tested three solutions of heating and cooling for buildings, as well as exploring barriers and opportunities for market acceptance. Some of the new solutions obtained have already led to commercial successes.

Conference agenda:

  • Presentation of the LowUP project and its results.
  • Presentation of the three LowUp solutions.
  • Discussions on the current state and prospects of energy efficient buildings in Europe.
  • Questions and answers.

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