The international REMOURBAN project, led by CARTIF, will offer to anyone interested the opportunity to discover the progress and achievements of the initiative through two webinars that will take place this June.

The first of them, held on the 14th, will explore the various smart applications that are implemented in the demonstration focus of the municipality of Tepebasi, in Turkey, such as the Building Management System, Smart Street Lighting, Smart Mobility Applications (for example, fleet tracking for e-buses and cars), E-bike management system and renewable energy management (e.g. solar panels). Likewise, this webinar will show the participants how the “City on Cloud” platform helps the city manage all these applications under one umbrella as ‘a platform of platforms’.

In the second webinar, offered on the 19th, representatives of the project working in the focal point of Valladolid, a leading city in the field of electric mobility and energy efficiency, will explain how the Urban Regeneration Model of the project has shaped the development of its Sustainable Urban Development Strategy and has helped the capital create the best combination of innovative, technical and non-technical solutions, accelerating its transformation into smarter and more sustainable cities.

It should be remembered that the REMOURBAN project, with the Valladolid technological center at the helm, has managed to develop and validate a model of integral and sustainable urban regeneration, addressing the implantation in the cities of innovative technological solutions in the energy, transport and ICTs, with the aim of accelerating the transformation of European cities in smart urban areas for social progress and environmental regeneration, as well as in areas of attraction and engine of economic growth. The three demonstrating cities of REMOURBAN are the aforementioned Valladolid and Tepebasi, and Nottingham (United Kingdom).

Both webinars will be conducted in English and will last approximately 45 minutes each. The schedules of the events are the following:

Agenda, speakers and moderator of the Webinar on Friday, June 14

Introduction – Fernando Barrientos: Project Consultant, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum. Introductory words on the Project REMOURBAN and this webinar.

Overall connection between REMOURBAN and the ICT platform implemented in Tepebasi – Caner Demir: Consultant, Demir Enerji. Insights into REMOURBAN’s urban regeneration model and how energy, mobility and ICT can converge.

Why is Tepebasi strenghtening its ICT infrastructure? – Murat Aksu: Project Manager, Tepebasi Municipality. The importance of integrated ICT infrastructures for sustainable Municipalities.

How does “City on Cloud” meet Tepebasi’s demand? – Murat Karabatur: Head of Mobile Solutions, Olcsan. Delivery of energy and mobility data required by Tepebasi. Some notes on a smart lighting App.


Agenda, speakers and moderator of the Webinar on Wednesday, June 19

Introduction – Matthieu Grosjean: Project Manager, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum. Introductory words on Project REMOURBAN and this webinar.

Introduction to the REMOURBAN Urban Regeneration Model (URM) – Elena Hoyos: Remourban Project Manager, Valladolid City Council. Transformation process in European cities: The Urban Regeneration Model.

Case study: the city of Valladolid. The Integrated Urban Plan as a sustainable urban development strategy – Jesús Gómez:  CEO, Valladolid’s Innovation Agency. The process of enhancing a sustainable urban development strategy through the Urban Regeneration Model.

Integrated Urban Plan from the perspective of the Replication Methodology – Christelle Degard: Project Manager, AREBS asbl. A methodology supporting the replication of these solutions and this urban regeneration model (URM).


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