The REZBUILD international project website, in which the CARTIF Technology Centre participates, has been nominated for the .EU Web Awards 2019, a distinction granted by the EURid platform to recognize the best websites within the range of .eu or .ею extensions. REZBUILD website will compete in the “Better World” category, aimed at websites that represent initiatives and / or ecological organizations. Its innovative, intuitive and visually attractive design has not gone unnoticed by the jury of this prestigious European award.

The main objective of this contest is to improve the visibility of the continent’s websites with great impact on the public. The .EU Web Awards are a popular event created to promote the interaction and commitment of European citizens.

The voting period lasts until August 1. The 3 most voted websites in each category will become the finalists, which will be revealed in September, and the winners will be announced in a special gala to be held on November 20 of this year.

The REZBUILD website is the meeting place for the public, potential clients, the media and the sector entities interested in the project. This platform has been created with the specific objective of offering an innovative visual identity aligned with the spirit of the project. It also aims to be a dynamic space always updated with content such as news or the calendar of events.

It should be noted that the REZBUILD project, an initiative funded by the European H2020 program, will create a community for social innovators related to the construction sector throughout Europe. with the aim of fostering interaction and dialogue between the main stakeholders in the sector. In this sense, the website has two specific sections: “Public Participation” and “Education and Training.”

The “Public participation” section aims to promote social innovation and public participation among all stakeholders. This part of the platform will inform about the progress of participatory processes and encourage interaction and information exchange. For that reason, the section is full of new ideas that meet social needs, create social relationships and enable new collaborations. Also, this section consists of a forum where all interested parties can discuss the main issues related to the construction sector.

On the other hand, the “Education and training” section is aimed at offering effective training and education programs for industrialists (especially SMEs), research infrastructures, as well as for non-specialists that allow the use of technologies.

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