Training in development of actions related to natural resources


Knowledge and care of the natural environment that surrounds us and in which we live is the guarantee of its maintenance over time. The correct management of the assets that Nature offers us will help us make it a source of resources and conserve it in a sustainable way.
Climate change, air and water pollution, the destruction of ecosystems and the massive extinction of species, among others, are the main environmental challenges that we face. Environmental and ecological awareness, aligned with the 2030 SDGs, constitute an essential tool to stop this trend.


Our service:

  • We train in the development of actions related to natural processes and resources (nature-based solutions, bio-urban planning, renaturation of urban environments, correct management of the territory and land uses, green and blue infrastructures, urban agriculture, sustainable use of water, improvement of biodiversity), in urban and rural environments.
  • We disseminate and share the results of our projects, based on urban renaturation and the search and application of natural solutions.


Our value:

  • CARTIF has a highly qualified team of professionals with extensive experience in environmental conservation.
  • CARTIF advises to clients in the search for the most suitable natural solutions to improve the relationship between their activity and the environment.


Projects of reference:

  • H2020 URBAN GreenUP (2017-2022)
  • CENTRATEC programme: renaturing and sustainable management.
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