Veolia, a leading company in the optimised management of resources, joins the CARTIF Assembly to support the Centre’s activities and thus give continuity to ten years of collaboration in multiple research and technological development projects. This was started by the CEO of Veolia Servicios Lecam, Francisco Villalobos, during his visit to CARTIF where he formalised the steps to follow for its incorporation.

Veolia thus joins Acciona, Aciturri, Carburos Metálicos, Divisa IT, Iberdrola, Industrias Ríos, Unicada Banco and the Boecillo Town Council which, together with the memers of the Board of Trustees, Huercasa, CEOE CyL, UVa, Quesos Entrepinares, Gullón, Dragados, Matarromera and Prosol make un the group of partners directly supporting the centre’s activities. Veolia will form part of this supervisory body of the centre, which reinforces its confidence in CARTIF, positioning it as one of its centres of reference in technological innovation. This also means the consolidation of CARTIF’s commitment to Veolia as a strategic an priority partner for the development and transfer of technology and knowledge.

During the visit, José Ramón Perán, CEO of CARTIF, presented the main lines of work of the centre and reviewed the joint projects of urban regeneration from a smart point of view carried out between both entities, highlighting CITyFiED (rehabilitation and energy efficiency actions in the neighbourhood of Torrelago in Laguna de Duer), REMOURBAN (rehabilitation on the Grupo Fasa neighbourhood in Valladolid), WalNUT (Application of integral and innovative systems for the recovery of nutrients from wastewater), MEVE I (Phase I Measurement and Verification of energy and water savings in thirty-three centres belonging to GAP-Salamanca) or IntelligentPV (Intelligent management tools to improve the maintenance of photovoltaic generation assets) among the 15 already developed, or currently under development, since 2011. At the same time, the priority technological lines for the implementation of new projects and solutions for smart and innovative management of water, waste and energy services were presented, as well as a visit to the main facilities and equipment of the technology centre.

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