CARTIF organizes, in collaboration with DAM (Mediterranean Water Treatment) the workshop ‘Innovative technologies for obtaining biofertilizers: an opportunity for the sector’, which will be held online through Teams platform on March 12.

This workshop arises within the framework of the NUTRIMAN European agri-food project, of which both organizers companies are partners, and it will present the results achieved from the work carried out related to the recovery of nutrients, the resulting products and their main applications.

The primary sector dedicated to food production must adapt to the new policies, especially the new European Regulation on fertilizer policies and the functional categories that will apply from 2022. Regarding the availability of market of European fertilizer products, many producers and farmers are not aware of what this policy requires, its importance, meaning and the consequence for their sector in the short term.

This conference will provide information about the most innovative technologies for the recovery of nutrients and biological fertilizers ready to be commercialized. In addition, it aims to offer the opportunity to know and promote its commercialization even at European level.


The European Project NUTRIMAN is a thematic network on nitrogen and phosphorus made up of 14 expert partners in nutrient recovery and four associate partners from eight countries working on the creation of an information network on nutrient recovery technologies, obtained products, its applications and good industrial practices, for the interest and benefit of agricultural professionals. The main objective of the current political initiative for the Review of Fertilizers Regulation in the EU is to encourage large-scale production of fertilizers in the region from domestic or secondary organic raw materials, in line with the principles of the Circular Economy.

For the expansion of the use of these new products, knowledge and trust are necessary throughout the entire value chain: farmers must understand and know the real benefits of fertilizers of biological origin and how to adopt and use them in a practical way in their crops. Also, it is essential to spread knowledge and information among agricultural professionals. This is precisely the main purpose of the NUTRIMAN project.

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