Counselling for ISO50001 implantation


Technical counselling for the implantation of an Energy Management Systems (EMS) in a company following the norm ISO 50001 and complying with the current laws (Directive 2012/27/UE & RD 56/2016). The goal is to provide the procedures and tools necessary to reduce the energy costs and help to achieve a better environmental performance and corporative image based on efficiency and sustainability.

Our service:

  • We make audits and diagnosis of the initial status based on the compilation of technical information and visits to the facilities.
  • We counsel about all the aspects of the methodologic definition and planning of the energy management program, including: objectives, indicators, monitoring requirements, resource planning and timing, etc., adapted to the specific characteristics of the client.
  • We follow up indicators and propose and evaluate improving measurements derived from SGE, including the techno-economical evaluation.
  • Additionally we offer the development and deployment of tools adapted to the requirements of the EMS to be implanted.

Our value:

  • Wide experience in supporting to large and small enterprises for the energy management of their processes and facilities. We offer a custom counselling service.

Projects of reference:

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