Development and evaluation of strategies for energy transition matters


Development, evaluation and redaction of strategies in the matter of energy transition for Spanish and European cities and municipalities in order to guide the urban energy transition in short, medium and long term. To achieve this, the direct, indirect and inducted impacts are identified, and the energy demand and supply are modelled, so the lines of actuation (actions and measures) are defined for those scopes prioritised by the municipality.


Our service:

Energy analysis for the municipality (Base energy scenario)
Diagnosis and shared formulation of the strategic view.
Development of scenarios and identification of financing lines.
Definition and prioritisation of energy scenarios through participative processes. Definition of follow-up indicators.
Synthesis document for the Strategic Plan.


Our value:

Availability of several self-designed tools for the decision making:

  • Estimation for the CO2 balance of emissions.
  • Estimation and visualization of the energy demand in residential buildings.
  • IAM models for energy matters.


Projects of reference:

  • JRC ELISE PILOT: Evaluation of the Energy Efficiency strategy of Castilla y León.
  • ETR-EREN: Evaluation of the Thermal Renewable Strategy of Castilla y León.
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