Development of systems to manage the load flexibility in micro-grids


Flexibility is the ability to demand electric energy in a different way than expected as a response to a stimulus. The coordinated management of the flexibility from many loads can affect the grid (ancillary services, demand response). CARTIF develops optimal controls to manage the flexible demand in an optimized way following the criteria marked by the user, that could be economic, environmental, technical, etc., or any combination of them.

Our service:

  • Development of optimal controllers based on priority, predictive and learning-based.
  • Implementation of the optimal management for the flexibility in the client platform.
  • Validation in simulation for the developed controllers.
  • Assistance with the validation for the controls in the real grid by their operator.
  • Integration with virtual power plant (VPP).

Our value:

  • Development of solutions flexible and customized, adapted to the client needs.

Projects of reference:

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