Estimation of the CO2 emissions balance in a municipality


Estimation of the CO2 emissions balance in a given municipality in order to evaluate its current status and the influence of the general approach of urban planning in this balance, thus obtaining some information relevant for the climate change. In this way, the decision making is supported considering the approach to develop aligning it with monitoring and emission reduction objectives, reinforcing the capabilities for mitigation and climate adaptation of the municipality.


Our service:

  • Extraction and processing of vector GIS information from reliable public sources.
  • Calculation of the emission balance at municipal level following the specifications given by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC)
  • Evaluation of the environmental impact (CO2 emissions) in a General Urban Planning.
  • Web interfaces in HTML that can be integrated into any web site.


Our value:

  • We are able to estimate automatically the emission balance from any municipality following the methodology and guidelines established by the IPCC from reliable public sources.
  • We offer an inventory geolocated to visualize through static and dynamic maps, analyses of alternatives and their evaluations. .


Projects of reference:

  • CCliMAP (R&D project where contents of service have been used).
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