Webinar – ” Challenge session in the environmental management: measurement of the carbon foodprint and the sustainable evaluation”

Presentation of CIRCULAR AUTO project “Strategic analysis of the circularity opportunities and the industrial symbiosis”

The measurement of the carbon food print at the companies it became difficult when they include greenhouse effect emission gases o level 3, that is to said, the indirect emissions that are originated by the companies activities, but they doesn´t belong to them and they can´t control them.

Marta Aguilar from CREARA, will show up the main news in relation to the measurement of the carbon foodprint: the new version of the ISO standard 14064-1:2018, the relevance that is achieving the treatment of level 3 emissions and the obligatory nature of calculate and reduce the carbon foodprint in the recent Climate Change Law.

Also, they will talk about BIOMOTIVE project, that looks for the production of new biomaterials of high efficiency (thermoplastic polyurethane, foams and fibres) for the automovilistic sector. Our CARTIF colleagues, Fernando Burgoa and Laura Pablos, will talk about the evaluation methodology of sustainability that they have develop at the project.

Webinar Agenda

11:00 Welcome – Ana Nuñez; FACYL headmaster.

11:10 Presentation of CIRCULAR AUTO project: Strategic Analysis of the circularity opportunities and the industrial symbiosis – Silvia López; FACYL project manager.

11:20 News on the measurement of carbon foodprint (New version ISO 14064-1:2018, treatment of the level 3 emissions, Climate Change Law) – Marta Aguilar; CREARA business development manager.

11:45 BIOMOTIVE project: Production of new high efficiency biomaterials for the automovilistic sector and the sustainability evaluation – Fernando Burgoa y Laura Pablos; Researchers at the Division of Agrifood and Processes of CARTIF. 

12:05 Questions

The attendance is exclusive for FACYL partners and it requires previous inscription before 1st july at 12:00.


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Jul 02 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 am