Extrusion Pilot Plant


  • Extrusion Pilot Plant Clextral, with rotating twin-screw.
  • The Plant can be operated in the following conditions:
    • Feed water flow range: 4.5 – 11 kg/h
    • Screw turning speed range: 600 – 1,000 rpm
    • Process temperature range: 60 – 100 ºC
  • The Plant has other complementary equipment:
    • Milling and flour conditioning equipment
    • Tray drying
    • Coatings application system


    • Development of new products (expanded snacks, breakfast cereals, bread crumbs, breadsticks and aquaculture feed). Incorporation of new ingredients.
    • Modification of the techno-functional properties of flours for new applications.
    • Valorization of by-products: fiber modification, increased extractability of biocomponents.
    Extrusion Pilot Plant
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