Next Thursday, July 16, the final conference of the REMOURBAN project will take place and it will present the knowledge, experience and results collected throughout the 5 years of the technological work of this international initiative, one of the largest projects in which CARTIF has participated in its 25-year history. The event, conditioned by the current situation marked by COVID-19, will be completely online.

This final conference of REMOURBAN will be the opportunity for the consortium to meet once again (albeit virtually) to portray the legacy of this important Lighthouse project, including the sustainable urban regeneration model obtained. This day will mark the end of the project and the beginning of a new era of urban regeneration, greener, more citizen-centered and smarter in approach. Also it will present REMOURBAN’s actions and achievements in the three demonstrator cities -also called ‘lighthouse cities’-, Nottingham, Eskişehir / Tepebaşı and Valladolid, and the experts will explain how all this can shape our formulation of urban and environmental policies in the next years.

The day will feature opening speeches and panel discussions, bringing together leading researchers in the project, representatives of other projects in the same field, oficials from key European administrations and policy makers from the different European cities that have participated in the project. Among others, CARTIF researchers Rubén García, Miguel Ángel García-Fuentes and Cristina de Torre will participate, as well as the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente.

Different topics will be covered:

  • The role of cities in transforming the economy.
  • Make Europe’s cities smarter for the environment and for citizens
  • SECAP as drivers of smart and sustainable cities.
  • Design, planning and implementation of smart cities.
  • Resilient cities for future challenges.

The agenda is still in progress, so check the REMOURBAN website for the latest version. The session will be recorded and after the event its video will be available to the public on the REMOURBAN project website.

With a budget of 23.8 million euros, REMOURBAN is a large-scale demonstration project whose main objective is to develop and validate in the aforementioned three lighthouse cities a holistic and replicable urban regeneration model that facilitates the process of transforming urban environments into more sustainable and intelligent areas. For this, the following actions have been carried out:

  • Energy: energy rehabilitation of districts and generation distributed through renewable energy. 
  • Mobility: incentive to purchase the electric vehicle and improve urban infrastructure for its use.
  • ICTs: advanced energy management systems, development of monitoring tools and city platforms, monitoring of electric vehicles and energy systems.

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