Generation of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)


Management tool (monitoring and control) for the available energy systems for comfort improvement and energy efficiency. It offers user graphic interface for data visualization, ability con commute between manual and automatic mode and other functionalities. Moreover, it makes decisions based in fuzzy logic and prediction obtained from the system models (co-simulation). All this is a topic that can be organized in a “strategic” way to develop a common infrastructure for projects and services where modules and specific developments could be included.

Our service:

  • Analysis of client requirements, of energy systems to be managed and information and available data, as well as the existing monitoring networks.
  • Configuration and/or adaptation of the system models.
  • Configuration and/or adaptation of the control algorithm based on the installed systems.
  • Integration, if necessary, of new monitoring networks (currently Modbus and LonWorks).
  • Modification of the tool to the new requirements.
  • BEMS Tests and deployment.

Our value:

  • Custom turnkey solutions highly configurable.
  • Management based on prediction (co-simulation, big-data, etc.)
  • Interoperability.
  • Architecture based on OSGi services.

Projects of reference:


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