Cost-effective, adaptable and industrialized envelope solution for the renovation of buildings


BRESAER is a demonstrative project whose objective is the development of a cost-effective, adaptable and industrialized envelope solution for the renovation of buildings. The system is a combination of active and passive prefabricated solutions that are integrated into a lightweight and versatile structural mesh. The main result of this new technology is the significant reduction in the building´s primary energy consumption and greenhouse emissions, while improving the quality of the indoor environment through thermal, acoustic, lighting and air quality comfort. In addition, this solution is complemented by an innovative energy management system that governs energy balances among resources under the main constraint of users´comfort.


  • Demonstrate the BREASER solution to reduce energy demand of buildings.
  • Implement a innovative and lightweight structural mesh.
  • Develop multifuntional and multilayer insulation panels.
  • Combine components for solar thermal air and PV.
  • Deply dynamic windows with high insulation capability.
  • Develop a BEMS to manage the availabke energy resources.


  • Energy: Refurbishment of buildiings with ventilated facade solutions in order to reduce the energy demand and improve the comfort.
  • ICTs: Develop and deploy a building energy management system (BEMS) and digital solutions (monitoring and control).
  • Demonstration of the solution in one building of the University of Burgos and additional 4 virtual demonstrators to validate the replicability.

Expected Results

  • Reduction of the primary energy consumption in a fator from 2 to 4, which means, in comparison with actual use, 60% of energy savings.
  • Reduction of the CO2 emisisons assocciated to the previous energy efficiency outcomes.
  • Improvement of the Indoor Environment Quality: thermal comfort, acoustic, luminosity and air quality.
  • Payback periods lower than 7 years.


  • Acciona Construcción
  • Mondragon
  • Dowel Management
  • UNE Normalización Española
  • NanoPhos: Pioneering Nanotechnology
  • Ministry of National Education (Turquía)
  • Tecnalia
  • Ekodenge
  • TNO
  • Youris
  • Solarwall
  • Universidad de Burgos
  • Stam- Mastering Excellence
  • Eurecat- Centre Tecnológic de Catalunya
  • Technion- Israel Institute of Technology
  • ÉMI


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Budget: 5,85 M €
EU Contribution: 5,85 M€
Duration: 01/02/2015- 31/07/2019

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José L. Hernández

Energy Division


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