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Solution based on decentralised heat pumps that are easy to install


HAPPENING project is developing a solution based on decentralised heat pumps that are easy to install, low-intrusive for the building´s occupants and easily adaptable to a large number of different building situations. This solution will be demonstrated in three pilot sites in Spain, Italy and Austria. 

The project will also develop near-zero planning, implementation and operation processes to facilitate the work during the planning phase, ensure a high-quality installation and effective operation, and reduce the efforts and costs within the whole retrofitting project. Additionally, new financial and business models will be rolled out to ensure cost competitiveness. 


  • To demonstrate a highly versatile, scalable and replicable solution package for buildings heating and DHW system retrofitting allowing 70% of renewable energy share. 
  • To develop near-zero planning, implementation and operation processes. 
  • To develop new financing and business models for building renovations. 
  • To unleash the full potential of the solutions developed through dedicated exploitation, dissemination and communication actions.


  • Development of a smart energy management system.
  • Development of a samrt monitoring and control architecture and integration in the pilot sites. 
  • Performance evaluation based on monitoring data. 
  • Techno-economic assessment of the solution based on descentralized heat pumps. 
  • Preparation of system desgin guidelines, technical manuals and instructions for installers and end users. 

Expected Results

  • A systemic package of technologies based on decentralized heat pumps.
  • Sustainable retrofit planning, installation and operation processes.
  • Financial instruments based on the development of realistic business models, being them the pillar of the project. 



Grant Agreement 957007

Total Budget: 2,886,849.63 €
EC Contribution : 2,499,669.63 €
Duration: 01/10/2020 – 31/03/2024

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Alberto Belda González

Energy Division


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E-MINE is a research and development project that seeks to implement the electric vehicle in mining environment authomatizing the management of charges and the estimation of capacities according to the metheorological conditions and charge needs of each vehicle according to the work to be carried out.

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Hydro4U demonstrates innovative and sustainable hydropower solutions targeting unexplored small-scale hydropower (SHP) potential in Central Asia (CA). The project will consider future climate change and transboundary challenges and will integrate them into the Water/Food/Energy/Climate nexus.

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LowUP will develop and demonstrate three new efficient heating and cooling technologies that will reduce CO2 emission and primary energy consumption. Heating and cooling account for 50% of the EU´s annual energy consumption.

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The objective of the Cervera HySGRID+ network is to strengthen the technological capacity of Spanish Technology Centres with a high level of complementarity and promote their solid cooperation with the ultimate aim of researching and developing new technological solutions that facilitate the creation of local energy positive balance communities (LEPC)

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Green eMotion

Green eMotion aims at enabling mass deployment of electromobility in Europe. Develop and demonstrate a commonly accpeted and user-friendly framework consisting of interoperable and scalable technical solutions in connection with a sustainable business platform.

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