Innovative and sustainable hydropower solutions targeting unexplored small-scale hydropower potential in Central Asia


Hydro4U demonstrates innovative and sustainable hydropower solutions targeting unexplored small-scale hydropower (SHP) potential in Central Asia (CA). The project will consider future climate change and transboundary challenges and will integrate them into the Water/Food/Energy/Climate nexus. 

Hydro4U supports CA to build a low-carbon, climate resilient future and is in line with the EU strategic directions expressed in the Water Framework Directive and the Renewable Energy Directive, thus fostering, on the one hand, cross-border water and energy management, the relation between CA and the EU and, on the other hand, the worldwide leadership of the European hydropower industry. 


  • Bringing together industry, politics, science and stakeholders from CA and EU. 
  • Demonstration of two sustainable SHP solutions: Kaplan and Francis based turbines. 
  • Optimizing the impact of SHPs by focusing on long-term solutions in a cliamte-sensitive, transboundary WFEC nexus context.
  • Support the competitiveness and sustainable market uptake of European SHP in CA and globally. 


  • Development of a GIS-based decision support tool (scale-based screening and decision matrix) to explore unexploited SHP potential and determine site-specific sustainability.
  • Development of scalable Water Accounting System to manage water resources under the WFEC nexus context.
  • Development of a SHP replication guideline tool.

Expected results

  • Quantified SHP potential for CA, spatially illustrated by maps.
  • Implementation of the decision support tool and verification at 10 sites. 
  • Best policy practices for climate-proofed benefits sharing between riparian users. 
  • Production of 3 feasibility studies.
  • Validation of the replication guideline in at least 3 sites. 
  • Market analysis and exploitation roadmaps for Hydro4U solutions.



H2020-SC3-RES-34-2020- GA101022905


Total budget: 11,488,428 €
EU Contribution: 9,931,160€
Duration: 01/06/2021 – 31/06/2026

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PhD. Raquel López Fernández

Energy Division


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