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Structured and inclusive reliable data collection approach on the EU building stock.


BUILTHUB aims to develop a structured and inclusive reliable data collection approach on the EU building stock, as well as an easy to access & use datahub, in the shape of a structured web-based platform. This approach has the ultimate goal of taking advantage of the potential positive disruptive effect on the ability of the EC to design effective policies targeting buildings in view of the 2050 strategy and the European Green Deal.

The web-based platform will be fed into thanks to a benefits-based engagement strategy targeted to data and etadata providers, as well as simple users. This engagement strategy will be implemented by developing added value information services tailored to lead-users of the platform and other main beneficiaries (end-users).



  • Establish a robust, contonuous and durable flow of reliable building data at EU level.
  • Enable an accurate understanding of the European Building stock´s trends and drivers to guide the development of tailor-made technological and innovation and policies.
  • Develop a platform with a user-friendly dashboard and a powerful and secure processor for data analytics.


  • Compilation of figures representing the EU building stock and indicators, data organization and structure and data visualization and presentation in the platform.
  • BUILTHUB platform architecture and system model, engineering and responsible for licensing and access issues.
  • Stakeholders mapping and quality testing.
  • Roadmap for data collection.

Expected Results

Roadmap for durable and sustainable EU building stock data flow and processing, inlcuding:

  • Web-based building stock observatory including data repository and information platform.
  • Robust client-centric business approach, inlcuding mid-term strategy for the web-based platform.
  • Framework to produce periodical report on EU building stock progress towards decarbonization.




Total Budget: 2.2M €
CE Contribution: 2.2M €
Duration: October 2020 – September 2024


Carla Rodríguez

Energy Division


Energy Policy Projects:



The overall vision of INHERIT is to create a systematic methodology, accompanied by leading-edge Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and (big) data analytics, and associated social/behavioural practices, towards sustainable, inclusive and resource-efficient Cultural Heritage (CH) solutions.

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BUILDSPACE aims to couple terrestrial data from buildings with aerial imaging from drones equipped with thermal cameras and location annotated data from satellite services to deliver innovative services for the building and urban stakeholders and support informed decision making towards energy-efficient buildings and climate resilient cities.

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