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PACES Logroño

Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy at the city of Logroño


The aim of the project is the preparation and elaboration in the framework of the Deal between majors for the Climate and Energy, Plans of Action for the Climate and Energy Sustainable of the municipality of Logroño, with the objective of defining the actions to carry out to reach the objectives established for 2030, the reduction of the 55% of CO2eq emissions, as it describes the tender documents.


  • Inventory of Reference Emissions.
  • Risks and Vulnerabilities Evaluation derived from Climate Change.
  • Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy.


  • Development of the Inventory of Reference Emissions for the selected year.
  • Risks and Vulnerabilities Evaluation derived from Climate Change. 
  • Development of the needed documentation to attach to the Majors Pact platform.
  • Development of an action monitoring tool.

Expected Results

  • Inventory of Reference Emissions of the municipality of Logroño at 3 scales: city council area,covering all the services and facilities that manage and makes use of; PACES area, analysing all the economic sectors except primary and industrial one; municipal are, covering all the emitting sources resulting from the operational flows of the municipality.
  • Analysis and risks and climatic vulnerabilities diagnosis of the municipality of Logroño.
  • Action monitoring tools.

Geocyl Consultoria S.L

CARTIF Budget: 17.498 €
Duration: 14/06/2022 – 14/04/2023


Estefanía Vallejo

Division of Energy


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