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Assessing feasibility and progress towards global climate goals


IAM COMPACT supports the assessment of global climate goals, progress, and feasibility space, and the design of the next round of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and policy planning beyond 2030 for major emitters and non-high-income countries. It uses a diverse ensemble of models, tools, and insights from social sciences to enhance transparency, robustness, and policy relevance of this tools. 

The project explores the role of structural changes in major emitting sectors and of political, bheaviour, and social aspects in mitigation. It also quantifies factors promoting or hindering climate neutrality and accounts for extreme scenarios, to deliver a range of sustainable and feasible pathways. 


    • Support the assessment of global climate goals (progress, and feasibility space) and the design of the next round of NDCs.
    • Explore the role of structural changes in major emitting sectors and of political, behaviour, and social aspects in mitigation. 
    • Account for extreme scenarios and disruptive events.
    • Place climate action in the broad sustainable development spectrum.
    • Develop technical capacity and promote ownership in countries with limited in-house capacity.


    • Listening: politicians, experts, industry and civil society will communicate their needs by actively participating. 
    • Exchanging: protocols and templates shared between models.
    • Modeling: use a modelling esemble of 25 (sub)national, regional and global integrated assessment, energy and sectoral models. 
    • Expanding the models: sectors and their interrelationships, extreme and disruptive events, holistic approach and sustainable development. 
    • Explaining: use the scenarios to update the policies. 

    Expected results

    • Enhanced science-policy interface: Policy Response Mechanism
    • Uptake: mitigation pathways to inform medium-long term climate policies
    • Exploitation of modelling research breakthroughs: out-of-ordinary extremes, social and gender implications, disruptive innovations, lifestyle and social innovation, truly sustainable development pathways. 
    • Enhanced international cooperation in science
    • Technical capacities development in four countries: Kenya, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka


    Horizon Europe


    Total Budget: 15,000,000€

    CARTIF Budget: 4,461,323€

    CARTIF Financing: 4,461,323€

    Duration: 09/2022 – 08/2025


    Noelia Ferreras

    Energy Division


    Energy and Climate Policies Projects:



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    BUILDSPACE aims to couple terrestrial data from buildings with aerial imaging from drones equipped with thermal cameras and location annotated data from satellite services to deliver innovative services for the building and urban stakeholders and support informed decision making towards energy-efficient buildings and climate resilient cities.

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