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Development advanced methods for energy planning al different scales


The main objective is the development of advanced methods for energy planning at different scales (building to region), that support the development of tools. It will offer a working basis to those entities responsible of the generation, deployment and evaluation of energy actions aimed at the compliance with the energy efficiency objectives 2020–2050.

These techniques will be based on the interoperability among different data sources and multi-discipline developments focused at an efficient data management; modelling automatization and the simulation of energy systems; energy monitoring based on real data; geo-referencing results; and the definition, evaluation and optimal scenario selection of energy conservation measures.



  • Data modelling and treatment.
  • Indicator calculation and analysis.
  • Scenario generation and its optimisation.
  • Results visualization.


  • Development of static data extraction, processing and storing techniques referring to different scales and automatic modelling based on standards.
  • Calculation and simulation of energy, environmental, social and economic indicators.
  • Definition of a Energy Conservation Measures’ catalogue, simulation of scenarios and application of optimization methods.
  • Visualization for the support of energy planning at different scales: building, district, city and region.

Expected results

  • Digital Building Twin that links BIM with control networks and energy simulation models (BIM2BACN y BIM2BEPS).
  • Automatic generation of CityGML models from cadaster.
  • Evaluation framework of cities with indicators.
  • Methods for the estimation of energy demand of cities, as well as of optimized energy conservation measures.
  • Methods for the regional analysis of CO2 emissions and study of the renewable energy potential.
  • Open data platform development for the visualisation of results.


Interested entities

  • Ayuntamiento de Valladolid
  • Ayuntamiento de Segovia
  • Ayuntamiento de Laguna de Duero
  • Diputación de Ávila
  • EREN

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Total budget: 823.852,86 €
Grant awarded: 411.926,43 €
Duration: january 2018 – december 2020


Gema Hernández Moral

Division of Energy


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