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Enabling Innovative Space-driven Services for Energy Efficient Buildings and Climate Resilient Cities


BUILDSPACE aims to couple terrestrial data from buildings with aerial imaging from drones equipped with thermal cameras and location annotated data from satellite services to deliver innovative services for the building- and urban stakeholders and support informed decision making towards energy-efficient buildings and climate resilient cities.

The platform will allow integration of these heterogeneous data and will offer services at building scale and at city scale, providing decision support services for energy demand prediction, urban heat and urban flood analysis. It will enable the identification of environmental hotspots that increase pressure to local city ecosystems and raise probability for natural disasters and will issue alerts and recommendations for action to local government and regions.

BUILDSPACE services will be validated and assessed in four European cities with different climate profiles, at building level (construction of a new building in Poland) and at city level (Piraeus, Riga, Ljubljana).


  • To engage Buildings Value Chain (BVC) stakeholders in a co-creation process to design innovative applications to support sustainable, resilient buildings in urban environments.
  • To build the baseline infrastructure and interoperable framework providing access to heterogeneous data sources to enbale the development of location-based and remote sensing applications. 
  • To develop nover services using Digital Twins to support building construction, renovation and monitoring and link them with city scale services enabling urban environment analysis, forecast and climate resilience. 
  • To test and evaluate the services with the relevant stakeholders in 4 pilots across EU.


  • Engagement of users and stakeholders for the co-creation of technical use cases and applications, including definition of user requirements and technical specifications (and traslation into technical requirements).
  • Coordination and carry out the specific activities to ensure the development, deployment and validation of both the BUILDSPACE platform and services.
  • Development, deployment and validation of BUILDSPACE service at city scale: Building Environment Climate Scenarios, to forecast building stock energy demand in the future taking into account climate change scenarios. 
  • Contribution to services at building level of Digital Twin Generation and Enrichment, and at city scale of Urban heat analysis and resilience, and urban flood analysis and resilience.
  • Evaluation and testing of BUILDSPACE services in Pilot Environment (responsible for evaluation of service in Riga pilot).

Expected Results

  • Methodology to co-create technical use cases and applications, and further knowledge and practice on extracting and define user requirements and technical specifications for platform and services development.
  • Knowledge on platform and services development, integration and coordination, following technical specifications defined by the user.
  • Service on Building Environment Climate Scenarios, to understand how the building stock energy demand will be affected in the future by climate change, including scenarios with application of retrofitting strategies.
  • A set of services at building and city scales on energy demand prediction, urban heat and urban flood analysis.
  • Assesment and validation of all services in European pilots.

R&D Line

  • Development of advance climate services for the multi-scale energy planification (building to region) taking into account climate change.


Horizon Europe


Total Budget: 2,968,525€

CARTIF Budget: 291,250€

CARTIF Financing: 291,250€

Duration: 01/02/2023 – 01/01/2026


Carla Rodríguez

Energy Division


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The overall vision of INHERIT is to create a systematic methodology, accompanied by leading-edge Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and (big) data analytics, and associated social/behavioural practices, towards sustainable, inclusive and resource-efficient Cultural Heritage (CH) solutions.

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