Development of the Extremadura Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change


The project for the development of the Extremadura Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change 2021-2030 (EACC Extremadura) aims to analyse the influence of climate change on the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, identifying impacts, risks and climate vulnerabilities on the main strategic sectors of the region, proposing actions and measures that allow its future climate adaptation in the short, medium and long term, considering the different climate scenarios defined by the IPCC. In addition, the strategy will be equipped with a system for monitoring and evaluating the proposed measures for the calendar proposed in the Strategy document and the current state of the Autonomous Community as well as its resilience to improve its strategic planning and decision-making processes.


  • Assess impacts of climate change in Extremadura according to different scenarios defined by the IPCC.
  • Define climate risks and vulnerabilities for the region. 
  • Evaluate the adaptive capacity of Extremadura considering the future climate.
  • Define measures and strategic lines of action against climate change.
  • Propose a monitoring system for the proposed actions and improve the strategic planning against climate change.


  • Contextualization of adaptation to climate change in Extremadura.
  • Analysis of climate data and development of regionalized climate projections.
  • Assessment of climate impacts, risks and vulnerabilities.

Expected Results

  • Contextualization of adaptation to climate change and definition of priority sectors for their evaluation.
  • Regionalized climate scenarios for Extremadura in the short, medium and long term considering different climate projections. 
  • Analysis of impacts, risks and climate vulnerabilities on Extremadura.
  • Definition of lines, objectives and measures to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change. Evaluation and monitoring system. 


Direct Contracting


Total budget: 31,527.04 € +IVA
Contribution: 11,000 € + IVA
Duration: 08/2021 – 12/2021


Iván Ramos

Energy Division


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