All-in-one integrated energy plant capable of converting any type of RES thermal sojurce in enegy vectors such as electric,heating and-or cooling.


REGEN-BY-2 will provide a decisive contribution to EU energetic objectives by developing a novel multi-generation, all-in-one integrated energy plant capable of converting any type of RES thermal source, from low to high-temperature, in energy vectors such as electric, heating and-or cooling powers,thus enabling the simultaneous supply to multiple typologies of end-users with different energy demands.

This technology, enabled by two-phase fluids machines, has been recently patented by the project partner TIFEO, a star-up founded in 2018 and a potential European Unicorn.


  • To develop alab-scale prototype of a highly efficient thermodynamic cycle for the revalorization of renewable thermal energy sources to trigeneration.
  • Perform experimental test on the laboratory scale prototypes of the expander/compressor.


  • Design the two-phase expander/compressor via mathematical models in design point conditions and in steady off-desgin conditions and CFD analysis.
  • Design the whole plant, selection of the working fluid and thrmodynamic sensitivity analysis.
  • Building the laboratory scale prototype of the REGEN-BY-2- plant.
  • Develop of a control system.

Expected Results

  • REGEN-BY-2 will demosntrate the functionality and advantages of the patented renewable multi-generation technology by designing, constructing and experimenting with a lab-scale prototype.
  • The result will be a highly efficient turnkey multi-generation, all-in-one Combined Heating and Power (CHP), Combined Cooling and Power (CCP) and Combined Cooling Heating and Power (CCHP) device.


  • Universitá di PISA
  • RINA Consulting SPA
  • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique  (CNRS)
  • National Technical University of Athens
  • Asociación Española de Normalización
    • Asociación Española de Normalización
    • Dr. Jakob energy research GmbH & Co.
      • Hysytech
      • R2M Solution
        • LSTME Busan Branch of LSTM Erlangen
        • Université de Liège



        No. 851541

        Total Budget: 4,898,248.75 €
        CARTIF Contribution: 258,125 €
        Duration: September 2020 – August 2024

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        Ismael Lozano Gabarre

        Researcher at the Energy Division


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