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Green eMotion

Enabling mass deployment of electromobility in Europe


Green eMotion aims at enabling mass deployment of electromobility in Europe. To achieve this, major players from industry, the energy sector, municipalities, universities and research institutions have joined forces to develop and demonstrate a commonlly accepted and user-friendly framework consisting of interoperable and scalable technical solutions in connection with a sustainable business platform. The Smart Grids development, innovative ICT solutions, different types of electric vehicles and urban mobility concepts will be taken into account for the implementation of this framework.


  • Promote electromobility in 12 European regions.
  • Demonstrate technological solutions to prove interoperability and scalability in connection with a sustainable business platform.
  • Create a virtual marketplace to enable the different actors´interaction and to allow for new high-value transportation services.
  • Generate a reference model for a sustainable rollout of electromobility in Europe.


  • Participation in Madrid/Guipuzcoa pilot.
  • Acquisition and analysis of data collected from electric vehicles fleets and charging infrastructure.
  • Analysis of the influence of charging infrastructure on the power grid quality.
  • Assessment of renewable energy injected in the charging infrastructure.

Expected Results

  • Creation of a reference model for a sustainable rollout of electromobility in Europe.
  • The commitment of industry players ensures the focus of the project on the market after demonstration.
  • By proving efficient and user-friendly solutions which are also profitable for businesses, the Green eMotion framework plans to accoomplish EU wide acceptance of all stakeholders.


VII Framework Programme

Gran Agreement nº: 265499

Overall Budget: 42,308,929.58€
Contribution: 24,226,954.89 €
Duration: March 2011 – February 2015

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Mª Ángeles Gallego

Energy Division


Energy Systems Projects:



LowUP will develop and demonstrate three new efficient heating and cooling technologies that will reduce CO2 emission and primary energy consumption. Heating and cooling account for 50% of the EU´s annual energy consumption.

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The objective of the Cervera HySGRID+ network is to strengthen the technological capacity of Spanish Technology Centres with a high level of complementarity and promote their solid cooperation with the ultimate aim of researching and developing new technological solutions that facilitate the creation of local energy positive balance communities (LEPC)

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