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Energy Activated Citizens and Data-Driven Energy-Secure Communities for a Consumer-Centric Energy System


ENPOWER will design, develop and demonstrate SSH-driven methodologies, interactive and closed-loop tools, and data-driven services for energy-activated citizens and energy-secure cross-sector communities towards a citizen-centric energy system. Leading-edge ICTs will be combined with social/behavioural dimensions and with sharing economy and value stacking business models. 

ENPOWER framework will be validated along 4 Front Runners energy communities pilots and further replicated in 2 Early Adopters, covering different levels of maturity of communities, to demonstrate increased RES local self-consumption and consumers participation to the energy markets, while nurturing increased local security of supply.


      • A Social Science Framework for energy citizens activation and innovative multi-dimensional incentives for citizens´participation in energy markets.
      • AI-based consumers clustering and segmentation algorithms, data-driven services (DR, P2P, ICT services for digital twin, etc.)
      • Interactive tools and facilitation services for energy community planning. 
      • Edge monitoring hubs for automated DR.
      • Business Sandbox for novel sharing economy and social innovation-based business models.


    • Develop an interactive decision support tool, accessible to energy citizens (inlcuding innovative social-driven incentive mechanisms) in order to incentivise their participation as prosumers in self-consumption structures, either in an individual way or as members of an energy community. 
    • The developed tool will allow users to assess the benefits (economic, social, etc.) of becoming a prosumer or joining an energy community and assess different scenarios (size of technologies, etc.)
    • Give citizens access to knowledge and information as well as help them to define their local energy community, enabling consumers to take the lead to actively participate in the energy activities. 

    Expected Results

    • Interactive decision support tool for energy communities.

    R&D Line

    • Research on tools for the management of energy communities.


    • NTUA
    • ENG
    • CARTIF
    • COMS
    • ED
    • RAP
    • ICLEI
    • UNIBAS
    • DINGLE
    • ESB
    • ENASCO
    • WATT-IS
    • CEVE
    • 17
    • GEARS
    • PARITY
    • EPRI
    • MAREI
    • DCSIX
    • CUERVA
    • TT


    Horizon Europe

    Total Budget: 6,478,422 €

    CARTIF Budget: 295,125 €

    CARTIF Financing: 295,125 €

    Duration: 01/09/2023 – 01/09/2026


    Andrea Gabaldón

    Energy Division


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