Development of advance technologies of production, storage and distribution of hydrogen, and its industrial transference for the new era of hydrogen in Spain.


The Red Cervera H24NewAge has as main objective the development of advanced technologies and its industrial transference to boost the positioning of the centers and spanish business in the hydrogen value chain, and in particular in the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen, and thus to contribute to reach the defined objectives in the hydrogen roadmap.

H24NewAge pivot on 3 main axes: develop advance technologies among all the hydrogen value chain, creat a infrastructures network to give service to the companies and as a demostration of the hydrogen technologies developed and become a reference for the Spanish business network facilitating a bidirectional and adaptable transference of knowledge.


  • Development of technological capacities that represent the hydrogen value chain. 
  • Industrial trasnference of these capacities to the national companies both in knowledge and in new solutions to improve their competitivity.
  • Generate a significative environmental impact due to the substitution of grey for green hydrogen.
  • Adequacy of the material and economic resources of the participant centers.
  • Generation of employment, economic activity and innovation related to the hydrogen industry. 


  • Development of new thermo-catalytic processes of H2 generation as of biogas. Study of the H2 generation as of residues and microalgae.
  • Compilation of the normative about security related to H2 and improvement proposals. 
  • Modeling of H2 generation systems as of renewables. 
  • Implementation of demonstrator and creation of optimal control strategies .
  • Planification studies of the H2 implementation in the long-term.
  • Research of the application of fuel cells in residential microgeneration.

Expected results

  • Generation of knowledge in the field of thermo-catalytic conversion.
  • Installation of a H2 demosntrator managed by an optimal controller.
  • Generation of studies about the aplication and penetration of the H2 technology.
  • Creation of 6 new servicies borrowed from the network´s thematic.
  • Publishing of 4 articles in impact magaziones and request of 3 patents.
  • 2 PhDs with theses in progress about the H2 technology.


Cervera Centros Tecnológicos 2020


“Cervera Centre of Excellence”

CARTIF Total Budget: 596,569.00 €
CARTIF Grant: 596,569.00 €
Duration: October 2021 – November 2024

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Ismael Lozano Gabarre

Researcher at the Energy Division


Energy Systems Projects:



THUMBS UP aims to develop and demonstrate thermal energy storage (TES) at daily (based on PCM) and weekly level (based on TCM soprtion technology) solutions to be easily integrate in EU buildings (both connected and not-connected to DHN) to increase their energy efficiency.

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E-MINE is a research and development project that seeks to implement the electric vehicle in mining environment authomatizing the management of charges and the estimation of capacities according to the metheorological conditions and charge needs of each vehicle according to the work to be carried out.

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Hydro4U demonstrates innovative and sustainable hydropower solutions targeting unexplored small-scale hydropower (SHP) potential in Central Asia (CA). The project will consider future climate change and transboundary challenges and will integrate them into the Water/Food/Energy/Climate nexus.

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The objective of the Cervera HySGRID+ network is to strengthen the technological capacity of Spanish Technology Centres with a high level of complementarity and promote their solid cooperation with the ultimate aim of researching and developing new technological solutions that facilitate the creation of local energy positive balance communities (LEPC)

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