I-NERGY project, funded by the European programme Horizon 2020, lunches I-NERGY Community: a new collaborative area ready to connect partners, companies and workers of the energy sector who want know more and share experience about AI implemented in this sector and the changes which this technology will let in the future. I-NERGY technology systems is part for all the initiatives of the AI4EU platform, in which CARTIF takes part too.

The main objective of I-NERGY Community is centralizing all the information of the project as well as its main progresses. In this way, all of the members will be the first ones who know what happened about this project.

With the purpose of creating a new community within this framework and the role of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a future, I-NERGY Community has included five different groups inside itself. In this way, every group will be categorized according to its topic. The activity branches are the next ones:

1.- Introduce yourself: in this section you can introduce yourself to the others partners talking about your work or your company.

2.- Ecosystem & funding opportunities: in this part you can meet and know more about the I-NERGY partners, and other communities and financial opportunities in the AI and Energy ecosystems.

3.- News: the latest announcements, articles, events and news which can be interesting to the I-NERGY Community Members will be in this section.

4.- Useful resources: to deepen more in this topic from I-NERGY Community has created this section with knowledge and must-reads articles.

5.- Open Call Helpdesk: I-NERGY Community has created a support place for applicants during active open calls which can be of interest to the rest of the peers.

You can inscribe and be part of this community here.

This initiative intend collect in an only space work all of the people and ideas which are ready to change the future in the energy system according to the Artificial Intelligent.

I-NERGY project, which stated at the top of 2021 aim develop and demonstrate the Artificial Intelligent (AI) and the services based on it (AI-as-a-Service, AIaaS) as a new change and approach in the energy sector.

I-NERGY wants to get some objectives as increase the services of the AI platform, or bringing news users and impulse the platform through cases and use the experiences in small scale with the implementation, demonstration and validation of their ones since a technical and commercial perspective, o since the resource’s status investigation of the AI4EU project identifying reusable assets or services.

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