The K-HEALTHinAIR project, led by CARTIF, has published this week an open survey in order to find out the degree of perception and knowledge of this population about indoor air quality. Through this initiative, the aim is to assess the situation and raise awareness of the importance of improving indoor air quality due to its significant effects on health.

The survey has grouped the project’s main concerns on this issue into five categories. It has divided it into questions relating to “Awareness of indoor air quality”, “Knowledge of indoor air quality”, “Attitude towards indoor air quality”, “Impact of knowledge on attitude and behaviour intent”, and “Sociodemographic data”.

Thanks to the data obtained through this survey, the aim is to raise awareness of the population’s concern about this issue in different areas – work, domestic and social-, as weel as to publicise some of the daily activities that can contribute to air pollution, and their proposal for improvement.

K-HEALTHinAIR was launched in September 2022, funded by the Horizon Europe programme, with the aim of highlighting the health effects of air quality. The project aims to identify the determinants that pose a risk to health in order to propose measures to reduce these risks. To do this, over the years of the project, it will evaluate indoor air quality in nine different scenarios in five pilots sites – Barcelona (Spain), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Baden-Wüttemberg (Germany), Poland/Austria, and Norway – based on a monitoring campaign of physical, chemical and biological parameters.

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