Quality analysis for electric grids


Registry of the evolution for the main parameters of the supply electric grid (voltage, current, power, harmonics, etc.). Analysis and quantification of the electric disturbances that affect the system (holes, flicker, harmonic analysis), with proposal of enhancement actions.

Our service:

  • We monitor and register the main parameters that characterize the electric supply.
  • We characterize the global consumption and the behaviour or the main consumption points, identifying habits and tendencies: demand curve, hourly profiles, consumption habits and residual consumptions.
  • We identify problems and perturbations in the supply grid: (i) verification of the compliance with UNE EN 50160, (ii) analysis of energy active and reactive, (iii) harmonics analysis, flicker,… (iv) quantification of perturbations in voltage and frequency, (v) analysis considering boundary conditions (starting of lines equipment, unscheduled machines stop, etc.).
  • We establish corrective measurements.


Our value:

  • Wide experience at the service of the assessment and customized analysis with resolution of specific problems.


Projects of reference:

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