Reformulation of new foods,improvement of nutritional quality


The “Collaboration Plan for the improvement of the composition of food and beverages and other measures 2020”, of the Spanish Ministry of Health, is aligned with the European policies of the WHO and the EU to achieve a balanced diet and better nutritional quality.
Food reformulation and nutritional labeling mean the most effective strategy to promote healthier consumption, reducing the intake of nutrients considered critical to public health (sugars, fats and salt).

Our service:

  • We reformulate food products to improve the nutritional profile:
    • Reducing, substituting and / or eliminating critical nutrients.
    • Replacing chemical / synthetic additives with natural ingredients (clean label).
    • Increasing nutrients or substances beneficial to health: fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, bioactive compounds, etc.

  • We advise in the procedure of nutritional declaration or of healthy properties of a food, and in the nutritional labeling of the improvement achieved through reformulation, in accordance with the Regulations on food information for the consumer.
  • We evaluate the nutritional quality of food, as well as the packaging and preservation systems, providing improvements through packaging, the use of modified atmospheres and yhe optimization in the manufacturing processes.

Our value:

  • We have the facilities and equipment necessary to carry out reformulation tests that include sensory tests, packaging tests and Shelf Life Studies.

Projects of reference:

  • PRIMICIA (2014-2018)

  • TOLERA (2018-2021).

  • NUTRIPRECISION (2016-2019)
  • Technological services to companies
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