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Research and development to obtain new textures from proteins


The demand for new food products made from proteic sources of vegetable origin is booming. This fact, is in line with the increased consumer awareness of environmental, sustainability and health issues and boost the interest by part of the food industry in the research and development of new products made of proteins of vegetable origin, that mimic the texture and appearance of meat, they are known beyond the generic name of meat analogues.

In CARTIF we investigate in how to use different vegetable raw materials and their combinations to create  new products through the use of texturized technology. To obtain a good organoleptic quality of product, we analize and link the properties of the ingredients and the effect of the processing variables.

Our service

  • We formulate and develop high texturized and low humidity products from vegetable proteins.
  • We analize the physical-chemical, microbiological and sensorial properties of the products developed. 
  • We characterize nutritionally raw materials and finished product and assess in the corresponding nutritional labelling. 
  • We study and research the relationship between alternative raw materials and the effect of the application of texturized technology as a vehicle to obtain new textures, new flavours and better properties. 

Our value

CARTIF has an interdisciplinar equipment highly qualified and with large experience in the use of transformation technologies in the agri-food sector. 

CARTIF has an extrusion plant with an incorporated texturized modul, that allows you to carry out HMEC (High Moisture Extrusion Cooking) processes and TVP (Texturized Vegetable Protein). Also, the texturized modul has a thermal refrigeration unit and it is completely automatized, which allows you to control at all times the process parameters and know in real time the specific energy consume value of the texturized unit (SME, Specific Mechanical Energy).

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