The SunHorizon project closes its five years of work with a final conference on heat pumps on 27 September at the Brussels Marriot Hote Grand Palace in Brussels. The aim of the meeting is to present the results of the project and to demonstrate the innovative TRL 7 heat pump and solar panel solutions for efficient heating and cooling of buildings, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions and increased energy independence.

Rina Consulting will be in charge of opening the day with a brief overview of the project. After them, representatives from Tecnalia and EHPA representing the HAPPENING and Superhomes2030 projects will present their ideas and innovations on heat pump applications in tertiary buildings. Finally, to conclude the first part of the day, the monitoring of project results, KPIs and lessons learned from the demonstrators will be discussed.

The second block of the morning will discuss the intelligent user interface and the role of self-learning in the SunHorizon platform; exploitation strategies for the project to maximise its potential; and a political overview.

The SunHorizon project emerged to demonstrate an appropriate combination of technologies (TP) such as solar panels (photovoltaic, hybrid, thermal) and heat pumps (thermal compressor, absorption, reversible) managed with a controller with predictive, proactive and self-learning capabilities to save energy, identify malfunctioning of a machine, or reduce CO2 emissions among others. To achieve this, it has demonstrated five TRL 7 technologies in 8 case studies around Europe (three in Spain, two in Belgium, one in Riga and two in Germany).

CARTIF‘s role during these months has been based on the improvement of the technologies through laboratory tests; the development of a management and monitoring platform and a user interface; the integration of failure prediction capabilities; the validation and demonstration of the eight demonstrators; replicability studies and the development of different business models; as well as the dissemination of the project through EHPA, workshops and papers.

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