The InvestCEC project consortium met on February 20 and 21 at the CARTIF Technology Centre to hold its third follow-up meeting. A meeting in which the partners have been able to analyse the latest profess made in the project over the last few months focused on the development and implementation of the replicable model for the circular economy in cities regions, which will be validated in the city of Klagenfurt (Austria).

During these sessions, the team was able to asses the status of the interactive platform targeted and designed for investors, entrepreneurs, cities and citizens, as well as the selection of entrepreneurs, for the implementation of circular economy measures and the support provided by regional and local governments. They also discussed the project’s communication and dissemination activities, including future thematic workshops and participation in local and international events.

The project, funded under the Horizon Europe framework, was launched at the end of 2022 with the aim of turning around the current state of European cities and regions through the circular economy. To achieve this, a group of seven partners from different countries came together to pool their experiences and practices in this area by designing a model that will subsequently be demonstrated in a city in Austria to prove its feasibility.

The CARTIF team involved in this proposal is in charge of supporting the creation of tolos for the definition of the needs of cities, for the definition of circular economy projects, and for the development of a tool to ensure a complete selection process of such solutions; as well as identifying and defining measures to address the main barriers and challenges that slow down the transition to the circular economy; and participating in the development of guidelines and resources to replicate the project concept at national and European level

The consortium is composed of CARTIF, Venionaire Capital, Greenovate! Europe, Stadwerke Klagenfurt, Enspire Science, Gate2Growth y Materalia.

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