Biodegradability studies of  agro-livestock residues: biogas production


The intensification of agricultural production leads to serious environmental problems, mainly due to the accumulation of waste (slurry) in very small spaces.
Knowing the biodegradability or methanogenic potential of these wastes allows their energy recovery, to produce biogas, thus reducing the impact on their environment, favoring a sustainable agro-livestock process, respectful with the Environment and aligned with the concept of Circular Economy.

Our service:

  • We characterize and test agro-livestock residues and determine the optimal mixtures for subsequent use in an anaerobic digestion plant.
  • We analyze the methanogenic potential of the residues to maximize the composition of methane in the biogas obtained.

Our value:

  • CARTIF accumulates extensive experience in anaerobic digestion technology and in the analysis of factors that condition the biodegradability process of a high organic load residue.
  • CARTIF offers the client a complete and detailed study of the process aimed at the production of biogas through anaerobic digestion.

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